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Some of our long term users will be aware that we have been working to replace our existing SQL backend referred to as the legacy store for some time now. The recent 0.5.0 release marks the introduction of our new SQL Backend referred to as the ADO Store. This new store is more performant, easier to maintain and provides better abstraction between our code and the underlying database schema.

We've now added documentation of the new rdfSqlStorage tool provided as part of our Tools package which can be used to migrate existing stores. Please see the migration section of the SQL Backend documentation for more details on how to go about migrating legacy stores.

Note that you cannot do an in-place migration, you must migrate from an existing database into a new database.

For those who are still using the legacy store we strongly encourage you to migrate them to the new format, please be aware that we will discontinue support for the legacy store from the 0.6.0 release onwards and we only intend to make one further release prior to that release.

13/09/2011 14:42:49 by Rob Vesse in English

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