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dotNetRDF 0.4.1 Beta has been released - you can get it by going to Download dotNetRDF or get the source code via either the dotNetRDF SVN Repository or by going to Download dotNetRDF Source.

As usual please see the Change Log in the downloads for full details of changes. Please note that there are some Breaking Changes in this release which we have previously detailed here.

Here's a highlight of new features and improvements:

New Parser Subsystem

The Parser subsystem has been significantly rewritten to use IRdfHandler and ISparqlResultsHandler handlers which are a new abstraction which gives you much more control over parsing. Broadly speaking an instance of these classes can take arbitrary actions on parsing a Triple/SPARQL Result i.e. you are no longer limited to parsing only into Graphs/Triple Stores/SPARQL Result Sets.

For example you can now quickly count triples e.g.

CountHandler handler = new CountHandler();
TurtleParser parser = new TurtleParser();
parser.Load(handler, "example.ttl");
Console.WriteLine(handler.Count + " Triple(s) parsed");

This is a fairly basic example but you can do all sorts of interesting things like save the Triples to a Triple Store as you read them, write them directly out to a file in another format etc.

We've also provided support for doing multiple things at once i.e. you can combine multiple actions together so read into a Graph and save to a Triple Store at the same time.

SPARQL Improvements

dotNetRDF now has full SPARQL 1.1 Query and Update support and passes the entire official test suite as it currently stands. Main new features in this release are full support for Property Paths and BINDING clauses.

We have also now made it possible for you to inject arbitrary Query and Algebra optimisers into our engine.

Writing Improvements

A variety of bug fixes and improvements to how we generate compressed collection output for various writers and better literal escaping support.

We also added a new PrettyRdfXmlWriter which generated pretty human readable RDF/XML output.


We'd like to thank the following people who have contributed bug reports, patches, suggestions etc to this release:
  • Graham Moore
  • Laurent Lefort
  • Felipe Santos
  • Sergey Novikov
  • Adonis Damian
  • Bob Morris

20/05/2011 12:02:03 by Rob Vesse in English

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