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We've also today released the latest version of our Tools package which you can get by doing to Download dotNetRDF Toolkit for Windows

This is a major feature release and includes heavily rebuilt version of rdfEditor and Store Manager.


We've now added mutli-document editing capability to rdfEditor so you can work with multiple documents at once in a single window.

See below for a screenshot of the new UI:

rdfEditor multiple document screenshot

Pretty simple change from your perspective but a lot of work from ours, hope you enjoy the new feature.

Store Manager

Store Manager has had some major UI changes, the first thing you'll noticed is that we've simplified the file menu. It now looks like the following:

New Store Manager Menu

So you now just have New Connection option rather than the two options depending on whether you wanted a SQL/Generic store.

Also you now get a user friendly start page to get you started faster when you first start up:

Store Manager Start Page

You will also find that the New Connection dialogue has been made much more user friendly:

Store Manager New Connection dialogue

Finally you'll also have access to some brand new features when working with connections like the ability to drag graphs between stores to copy/move them and the ability to copy/rename graphs within a store.

30/11/2011 22:10:52 by Rob Vesse in English

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