SPARQL Query Interface

This is a demonstration of the Leviathan SPARQL Engine which the SPARQL Engine used in dotNetRDF.

The Leviathan engine supports all of SPARQL 1.0 and SPARQL 1.1 plus a wide variety of extension functions which includes the following:

This demonstration endpoint may often be running a development build of dotNetRDF so capabilities and behaviour may differ from the public release versions. To check this please examine the HTTP Headers on this page and you will see a custom X-dotNetRDF-Version Header detailing the deployed version.

Note: This Demo has an initial data set which is a couple of small graphs (~500 triples) which we use for testing and debugging. You can specify Graphs to query from the web by either using FROM and FROM NAMED clauses or by entering a URI in the Default Graph Uri box. Loading Graphs may take a couple of seconds for the first query after which they will be temporarily cached for appoximately 15 minutes.


Default Graph URI: