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The aim of the dotNetRDF Project is to create an Open Source .Net Library using the latest versions of the .Net Framework to provide a powerful and easy to use API for working with RDF, SPARQL and the Semantic Web. Our primary aim is to provide an effective way for working with reasonable amounts of RDF in .Net.

We provide support for various different backing Stores in the Library as well as an API which allows arbitrary Stores to be plugged into the library and lets you handle much larger quantities of RDF. Currently we support the following 3rd party stores:

You can also find third party providers for additional stores as follows:


dotNetRDF is developed by the following people, please see the Developers for more information on our developers.

  • Rob Vesse
  • Ron Michael Zettlemoyer
  • Khalil Ahmed
  • Graham Moore
  • Tomasz Pluskiewicz

The project is also supported by a variety of active community members who provide valuable patches, ports, testing and other input to the project. Many of these people can be found listed in the acknowledgements file included with our downloads.

Help is always appreciated, please see the Contributions page for more detail if you'd like to contribute to this project. Like most open source projects dotNetRDF operates as a meritocracy, if you contribute to the project over a period of time we as a community may extend an invitation for you to formally join the project.


Historically dotNetRDF has been distributed under various licenses, currently it is distributed under the permissive MIT license.

Current Release

The Current Release is 1.0.12 which was released on 4th August 2016


Programmers API

You can download either the pre-compiled libraries or the full source from the CodePlex Project Page. Or take a look at the dotNetRDF Source Repository if you'd like to get the latest source code. These downloads are intended for developers and programmers, links to our Toolkit for general RDF users can be found further down the page.


dotNetRDF requires both the Microsoft.Net Framework 4.0 or 3.5 SP1 and the following 3rd party libraries:

The relevant libraries are included in the release packages so you should be able to use the library without needing to obtain these libraries yourself.

If you install the packages via NuGet the required libraries will be automatically installed for you.

Note: The API is also usable with Mono 2.6+ (2.10 recommended), Silverlight 4 and Windows Phone 7

Toolkit for Users

Our Tools package of standalone tools can be obtained as either a ZIP or a Windows installer from our CodePlex Project Page.

This includes things like our Notepad replacement rdfEditor for editing RDF and SPARQL and Store Manager a GUI tool for working with various Triple Stores.


The Toolkit requires Windows and the .Net Framework 4.0 Full

Note: Most of the toolkit except for rdfEditor will also run on Mono 2.6+ (2.10 recommended) on Windows, Mac and *nix systems. If you want to run on Mono download the ZIP version not the installer.

Getting Started

If you're a user/developer who wants to use dotNetRDF then you should check out the following pages:

Please take a look at the following for more detail on the Project:

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